Fun Fun Fun at the Weddingbahn

Last Wednesday I was honored to attend the wedding of my longtime close friends David and Jennifer, who opted to transform their ceremony into the most delightful homage to influential electronic music heroes Kraftwerk. I’ve known David since my somewhat misanthropic college years in northern Louisiana, and I remember our shared love of Kraftwerk as present even then. Of course, David reportedly went on to fully exemplify the Kraftwerk lifestyle, and the ‘Weddingbahn’ is only the latest episode in this couple’s meisterplan.

I was thrilled to be on hand to not only DJ at Weddingbahn, but I also recorded some very special wedding music. Check out several photos (mostly taken by the intrepid Jon Wolding), read a couple online accounts from the local press, and have a listen to two tracks I specifically recorded for Weddingbahn (featuring vocoder contributions by @pimpdaddynash), all below:

Tampa Bay Times: German ’80s Band Inspires ‘Kraftwerk’ Wedding

Creative Loafing: This Tampa Couple had Full-On Kraftwerk Nuptials

Update: Jennifer just posted a wonderful ‘behind the scenes’ recap on her blog.

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A Kraftwerk-themed wedding march, priceless! Jennifer and I are lucky and honored to have such cool friends to be enablers for goofy and wonderful antics like our wedding ceremony. No offense to everyone who’s had a typical ceremony for nuptials but we wanted something riotous, absurd and fun, and that’s what we got!
Michael, your composition and DJ’ing was a major boost to the Kraftwerkian verisimilitude of the evening, mazel tov!

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