A Boost for DJ Mixes and the New Streaming ‘Sub-Economy’


The National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) and Dubset have reached a deal that will allow the NMPA’s independent members, both publishing companies and songwriters, to take part in a new streaming “sub-economy” that only recently became technologically feasible. This new revenue source is through derivative works, or pieces of music that are wholly or partially based on others’ creations, like DJ mixes and remixes. Through its MixBANK, Dubset cross-sections these creations and identifies their constituent parts (a vocal line here, one-half of an entire song there), determines the appropriate royalty splits, then services them to its clients, like Apple Music.

Dubset isn’t the only company making advances in this highly technical space. SoundCloud’s new subscription service, Go, uses an undisclosed process to identify derivative works, which its platform has plenty of. (This, despite a recent report to the contrary.)


Through the Rights Agreement, NMPA members who opt-in will have access to Dubset’s MixBANK platform where they can set terms and rules around how and where their catalog may be used in mix content. Each time a new mix or remix is delivered to MixBANK the clearance rules set by rights holders to determine whether the content is cleared for distribution are applied. Cleared mix and remix content is then made available to legal music services under an approved royalty structure.

Pay no mind to Digital Music News’s shadowy anonymous sources … DJ mixes and remix culture are on the rise in the social sphere.


Update (May 25, 2016); via Hypebot:

Dubset Media announced today that it has reached an agreement with Spotify to use its MixBANK distribution platform. The deal makes it possible for DJs to upload and legally stream their mixes and single track remixes. In addition, the new agreement is expected to enable Spotify listeners to stream radio shows and other user generated mixes that have not been previously legally available to music fans.

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