The Revenant By Tarkovsky

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To highlight just how incredible the experience of watching “The Revenant” is, The Petrick’s “The Revenant By Tarkovsky” supercut does exactly what the title suggests, putting it side-by-side with the work of the great Andrei Tarkovsky. There’s no question about how indebted Iñárritu’s film is to Tarkovsky’s body of work, both thematically and, more obviously, visually. “The Revenant by Tarkovsky” beautifully captures the homage, helping to peel back another layer of the deceptively complex film that, on the surface, pretends to be nothing more than a tale of revenge, but is really much more.

This is impressive. When I saw The Revenant I caught the Tarkovsky influence, but didn’t realize it was often so explicit.

I also thought the bird scene might have been quoting Jodorowsky.

Related: Here’s a primer on Andrei Tarkovsky, which includes links to where you can watch his films for free.

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