The First New Vinyl Pressing Machine In Thirty Years

Digital Music News:

German-based company Newbilt Machinery GmbH & Co. is now shipping the first, newly-manufactured vinyl pressing machine in more than 30 years. According to details from Plastics News (PN), Newbilt has partnered with Connecticut-based Record Products of America, a company specialized in creating vinyl molds, with prices starting at $100,000.

The Newbit machine could seriously ease vinyl production deals, and spark a new surge in vinyl growth. “The new Newbilt vinyl record press machines are rolling off the assembly line now,” the company declared in a recently-mailed invite to their Alsdorf-based manufacturing facility.

The Newbilt manufacturing philosophy is to essentially an update on an old n’ reliable workhorse design with a variety of modern-day upgrades, including an electronic control system and a hydraulic power supply. “Newbilt is based upon historically proven designs that work,” the company explains. “The antiquated electronic, hydraulic and control systems have been replaced with up-to-date ones to vastly improve productivity and reliability.”

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