Copyright Not Intended / Everything Is A Remix

I decided to listen to some older installments of the highly entertaining Hello Internet podcast over the weekend. I quickly ran across the second episode which revolves around an excellent discussion / debate on copyright:

The web documentary Everything Is A Remix is referenced, and is worth a view:

Update: via Hollywood Reporter, this news item ties in with the themes in the podcast and video above:

{Regarding the proposed film Axanar} Paramount and CBS, represented by attorneys at Loeb & Loeb, are now demanding an injunction as well as damages for direct, contributory and vicarious copyright infringement. Although the plaintiffs have allowed ample cosplaying over the years and even permitted other derivatives like amateur Star Trek shows to circulate, the lawsuit illustrates that there is a place where no man has gone before, where the entertainment studios are not willing to let be occupied: crowdfunded, professional-quality films that use copyrighted “elements” like Vulcans and Klingons, Federation starships, phasers and stuff like the “look and feel of the planet, the characters’ costumes, their pointy ears and their distinctive hairstyle.”

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