Orson Welles’ F For Fake As Storytelling Masterclass

A video easy from Tony Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting on the classic ’70s Orson Welles film F for Fake (itself a sort of video essay) and how it can teach the fundamentals of good storytelling:


{F for Fake is} ostensibly a documentary about an art forger, but Welles (best known as the director of Citizen Kane) eventually builds out the film into more of a freeform essay on the nature of trickery, the impossibility of objective truth, and art’s role as a sort of truth built atop a foundation of falsehoods.

If you’ve never seen F for Fake then do yourself the favor. It’s presently streaming (alongside many other Criterion Collection titles) on Hulu.

This got me thinking about how this storytelling concept could be applied to songwriting. Is there a musical version of the ‘and then’ that should be avoided?

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