Thinking About Music's Place In The 21st Century
Why Streaming is the Future of DJ’ing
The streaming DJ set-up is disruptive and offers an alternative. The convenience of instantly adding to one’s library transforms copying and sharing amongst DJs into recommending.
Musical Memories from Imaginary Places
I’m not sure if the author of the New Yorker article experienced “Africa” at a shopping mall in her childhood. But the combination of imagined context (a shopping mall, where she spent time in her youth) and a beloved song from the era triggered an emotion from a memory that probably never happened.
The Patronage Economy and Fan Accessibility
For musicians using Patreon, rewards could be advance peeks at songs, limited merch or physical releases, and glimpses into the creative process. But there’s also the phone calls, the live chats, the guitar lessons. That’s fine if this intimacy with fans comes naturally, but the worry is it becoming an expectation from those who aren’t comfortable. You know, like most artistic types.
Noise Gate and Gated Reverb
The Gated Reverb Conundrum
Gated reverb is being rediscovered by modern producers. There’s a distinct difference to those using the technique to fill out the aesthetic vision of the song and those looking to evoke ‘that ’80s sound.’ Both processes are intentional, but the passing years will tell if they are timeless (or, unstuck in time, as the case may be).
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Songwriters Getting Paid as the Robots Listen
A venue’s requirement to get a compulsory license is one of the most misunderstood aspects of music publishing. But the simple fact is this: if your business is profiting off of someone else’s music – and playing music to enhance your business qualifies – then the songwriters should get a cut of some sort.